Masks & Puppetry

Wooden marionette constructed with celluclay and leather.
Side view
Face before paint
Body before attachment
Hanging body
Marionette face
Low view
Top view
Low angle
Rod puppet: paper mache head built on wooden dowel. Paper mache hands built on wire arms. Body made of square of fabric.
Hand detail
Head detail
Face detail
Left view
Right view
Front view
With cap
Without cap

Heather A.


Rod Puppet


Sock puppet
Sock puppet constructed out of knit sweater sleeve with felt accents. Hand and machine sewn.
Front view
Back detail
Low angle
Felt puppet flat patterned and machine sewn. Interior of mouth has finger handles sewn in to improve control.
Felt puppet
Right angle
Left view
Saturated view
Top view
Fox face progression
Fox flat felt puppet. Self designed puppet created with self designed patterns. Machine sewn.
Fox mouth
Finished fox
Full fox

Flat Felt Puppet

Full foam puppet
Foam puppet with sewn fur exterior.
Foam base
Puppet skeleton
Exterior fur
Left view
Right view
Angled view

Sock Puppet

Foam Puppet

 Artisan & Creator